Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Creating a Bonsai from a Trunk with One Branch

Juniper at 2007 ACBS show

At 2014 ACBS show
 Michael Rusnak

 If you didn't quite understand the idea of creating a tree skeleton and tilting the trunk, here is another example by one of our own.  Bonsai Ace Dan Tullius shows how it is done on this big discarded, and collected juniper.

 Dan shows us the way: Check out what you can do when you only have one branch—Dan has angled the dead trunk and let the single branch become the new trunk. A simple but beautiful design, he has then worked with the branch's shoots to grow the foliage, done some carving on the dead wood, and made a first rate tree.
Dan shows us the way

Another one branch example from Graham Potter's Blog

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