Saturday, February 27, 2016

ACBS's Own Ken Huth Leads Pine Project

By Michael Rusnak

Ken does it again!
Like so many other times in the past, ACBS's own Ken Huth put on a fun and
Ken shows one s
successful workshop at the February club meeting. This time it was with small scots pines. Ken demonstrated how he starts these small projects by wiring triple strands around the trunks of some potted seedlings and around some of the smaller side branches, he then giving them some movement.
He included such wiring tips as positioning branch bends within an “elbow” of the wire. That elbow helps to support the branch at stress points and lessens the chance of it breaking or snapping off as you apply pressure.
He turned the group loose and it was on. Many did three or four starter trees, and it will be fun to see how they progress this coming season. Ken also gave several of our newer members a neat hands-on lesson in wiring. 

 Ken also talked about some of his experiments with steel wire –only 5 bucks a role a the hardware stores. Plus it's quite strong.

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