Saturday, December 5, 2015

2015 Virtual Autumn Show

Please take a moment to check out our 2015 Virtual Autumn Show over on our gallery site at

There are some good shots of the bonsai sporting their colors, especially if we were lucky enough to catch them on a rare Fall sunny day here in Northeast Ohio. 

One of the great things that the art of bonsai does, is that it brings ordinary things up to eye level, and in that way it forces you to notice details that might otherwise be overlooked, details like the delightful colors and translucency of the foliage.  The steep light angles also can highlight the textures of the trunk on the older bonsai which can be seen in some of the photos. 

We didn't have as many submissions this year. Some members have reported that they lost deciduous trees, especially maples, over the past two winters.  The last two winters that have been unusually severe .


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