Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 ACBS Virtual Fall Show

Amur maple sports its color in the evening light

The Akron Canton Bonsai Society (Ohio, USA) presents a Virtual Fall Show

We invite all of our local and internet bonsai friends to visit our gallery spot at this link, and see our virtual fall show. Just click on the "2012 Virtual Show" spot there, and you'll see the gallery of trees at their peak colors.

Among our club, a fall show has been something we have always wanted to put together, but timing is a problem. Since the colors of our deciduous trees change by the day, and since the timing of when trees are at their peak can vary among species, it can be a real challenge to plan an actual fall show.

Instead, we present to our bonsai internet friends this virtual show of our trees in their full fall colors.

As our trees make their move to color and toward dormancy this month and into November, we will continue to add photographs to the show as members take them.  We hope to also include some of our larch forests that our club put together this past spring.

Please visit the gallery spot often in the next couple of months, so as to not miss pictures of these trees. And to our internet friends who may live in other climates, we would like to convey some of the excitement and majesty that nature offers in this amazing time of the year.  Kind of like fresh sweet corn or garden tomatoes, the color lasts only a short time.  Some of the trees change by the day. It goes without saying that such wonderful fall color is another of the many reasons why we love the art of bonsai.

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