Sunday, April 1, 2012

Larches Are Ready for Your Forest Planting

Well, the Larches are here and they are healthy and perfect for a grove or forest planting.  Much thanks to ACBS member Ken Huth of Ken's World of Bonsai for getting them for us.

I stopped by Ken's place Sunday afternoon, and Ken and Gib already had the work done ahead of schedule. So thanks also to Gib for pitching in to help Ken bundle them up to they are ready to go for the April meeting. Since the work was already done, it was time for some fun in the form of clipping and cutting--it's never dull at Ken's.

While I was there, several members  of the  Columbus Club  were visiting, clipping, planting and working on projects of their own.  
Ken (far right) works on this 50 + larches went into this forest planting
With the help of all of his guests, Ken put together this large 50+ tree forest planting out of some of larches from the same batch as those we will be using for our club project. The larches you see in the planting have to be pruned back considerably. It took two guys and a wheel barrel to move the finished project to its spot in the sun.  Very cool.  And it should look amazing in the fall.

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