Saturday, May 7, 2011

May ACBS Meeting Brings Excitement Over Projects

The May meeting of the Akron-Canton Bonsai Society brought a lot of excitement over the new growing season, and over all of the various club projects that members will be continuing through the summer.
There were a couple of crab apples at the meeting that were grown from stumps last summer that were currently in bloom. Despite their only partial development, they offered a good variety of color to the meeting and brought lost of speculation about how they'll look in future seasons. Also, maples, azaleas, boxwood, juniper and black pine were shared at the meeting. Cheryl B brought in a Korean lilac that had multiple buds ready to break open. Hopefully she'll send us a
picture that we can post.
Given the tough winter we had this year, and record setting rains--as well as a May 6 frost--it was refreshing to see the bonsai begin to break out. There is just something happy in the bright green of fresh new foliage.

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