Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Meeting Brings Out the Trees

With the long and tough winter we had in northeast Ohio, most of us have trouble remembering what green looks like. But the April meeting of the Akron-Canton Bonsai Society finally brought out the trees. Members were sharing some of their spring projects that were trying real hard to bud out. To mention just a few. Anne begins working with a trident maple, and Carlton shared a couple of projects-- his forest planting and a dawn redwood.
There is something about the bright shade of green in freshly opened leaf buds that just makes a person happy to look at them. That vibrant green also cues you to think about a new growing season, and visualize what your bonsai trees might become. More project updates to follow. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how our members' pine plantings and extreme bending attempts from last season develop.

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