Monday, July 31, 2017

Bonsai Down by the River Side

An unexpected flood on the lower levels of the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, almost spoiled our regular July meeting.

Thanks to some quick thinking by our VP Kevin Fey, who scoped out the neighboring area, we moved across the street to the riverside amphitheater. The move  turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a pretty good bring your own tree workshop. It was a gorgeous summer evening.  The steps and benches made for plenty of seating, work space and clean up from pruning and split soil was not a problem. Anyway, we had good some tree work. Maybe we should make the outdoor, down by the river side meeting an annual event.  

The Art Center director said that the lower level was flooded with 8 inches of flowing muddy water, and disrupted their classes and operations for a couple of weeks. The flood was caused by work crews in the area who broke drainage lines. We are OK in our regular meeting room for August.


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