Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ACBS Trees Stand Out in Small August North Canton Show

by Michael Rusnak

It has been a few years since our club held and event in the Canton area. This past weekend, we put together a small show at the Main Street Festival in North Canton, Ohio. The room space we were given for the exhibit was mostly empty with white walls.  As it turned out, the white walls proved a distraction-free background to highlight bonsai--nearly ideal for a space without screens or curtains.  Such details, as the dark green foliage of the yews/ taxus just looked remarkable on display.

Going along with idea of few distractions, the members who exhibited chose to have the display without name tags--choosing instead to just highlight the trees themselves.

While this exhibit had trees from only five members, plus a smaller number of trees than the club typically exhibits, still it remained a show that drew many favorable comments from the steady stream of festival visitors.

  August is not the easiest time of the year to show trees.  Some species seem less fresh than they did in June, but at the same time others seemed at their peak.  The show contained some great trees.  In addition to the yews, the pines were mostly a happy forest green and an arborvitae on display was a fine bright and healthy deep green, almost reveling in these warmer weeks. 

As I've mentioned in the past, there are certain trees belonging to other members of the club that have become my favorites, and I really enjoy seeing how they develop from years to year at these shows --that's just one of the great joys of being part of a club like ours.  

We would like to invite our internet bonsai friends to view a short video tour of the August exhibit at this youtube link 

And we also invite you to see photographs of our trees in this and past exhibits on our gallery site at this link-- http://picasaweb.google.com/akroncantonbonsai

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