Friday, July 11, 2014

Tree Portraits taken at the June 2014 ACBS Exhibit

They just look ethereal--and all it took was a real photographer who understood the magic of highlighting fresh spring leaves over a black background.

At our recent June exhibit, one of our members brought her professional photography equipment, complete with black backgrounds, lighting and her genuine sense of artistry to make these trees really pop, and seem almost magical.

Taking tree portraits like these are a real fun activity at an exhibit, and we suggest to other clubs might enjoy doing this as well. The stark backgrounds and correct lighting really acents the tree's features, and helps us see and appreciate some of the awesome beauty in even our own humble bonsai.  Plus the portraits are a good way to keep a great record for the future, as a comparison as these trees continue to change, refine and develop.

We invite all of our internet friends to visit our gallery site at

Click on the "Tree Portraits" icon.  Try the "slide show" setting for best viewing.   Enjoy!

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