Friday, June 7, 2013

Material for Bonsai: from Trash to Exhibit

by Michael Rusnak
ACBS Newsletter Editor

Some of the bonsai trees in our club's June exhibit were created out of shrubs, stumps and other material that was destined for a trash heap or the wood chipper. If the discarded shrubbery is “usable” and is successfully transplanted to a pot, it can have a new life as a bonsai.

Such material is like having a blank canvass from which something spectacular can be created over several seasons. 

Akron-Canton Bonsai Society member Dan Tullius collected a massive juniper from a park that was being renovated in 1994. After successfully transplanting it into a training pot, Dan has worked to create some spectacular results. 

The juniper just gets better every year, and like many good trees, it can be viewed from either side.  It has many interesting shapes and movement all around it's sizable trunk.  

What was once thrown-away has found a new life as a bonsai, and in this case Dan has created a real specimen tree.

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