Friday, April 5, 2013

ACBS Penjing Project Moves to Next Phase

At its April meeting ACBS members discussed several different types of plants that might for cascading and upright trees to be planted in the rock cavities. Samples of two varieties of dwarf boxwood, a type of small honeysuckle, juniper and spruce were discussed.   Smaller companion material and types of moss was also
considered to add perspective and differences in height on the composition  be used began working on creating the boundary lines that will help define the land land water features of the tray landscape.

For this feature part of the project, it was important that all members who are developing a section brought their sections so that the feature boundary lines of each section would neatly fold into each of the adjoining sections. This would ensure that the entire composition would flow together when completed.

Working from the master blueprint, guidelines for the
boundaries were drawn freehand on each section. Then a thick bead of construction adhesive was applied over the lines.  Members pressed bits of crushed rock into the adhesive beads to form the shoreline-like ridges.  The crushed rock was chipped off of discarded section  of the same type of tufa-like rock that was used elsewhere on the planting.  In some places this borderline feature already had the appearance of sand as well as a rough textured look. Once the adhesive has dried, the loose pieces and dust will be vacuumed away.  It is important not to rub off the loose material, as it is quite abrasive, and in parts it has scratched the dark blue Corian material that was used to make the trays.

ACBS member Carlton Buck offered to store and begin working making a frame like sections made from aluminium angle edging.  This edging will be attached to some of the sides to hold soil where there are raised land features on the planting.
An architect by profession, it was easy to see where Carlton's professional skills of familiarity with materials, organization, planning and vision have carried over into this composition as a whole.  In other words, it already just looks cool.

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