Friday, February 8, 2013

Penjing Cemented: A Little Epoxy Does It

Precise placement was the order of the day.  The blueprints were closely followed in order to maintain the overall scheme of the composition. A little scoring of the trays, some epoxy and the landscape rocks were in their positions.This included some rocks that were positioned upright as to give the appearance of steep peeks, an arching rock bridge--central to the composition as a whole--and smaller individual islands.

The next task will be to select and plant the miniature trees into the rock hollows.  Both evergreens and box woods are likely candidates.  Then we will begin to lay out the ground and water features.  It should be an awesome composition  when it is displayed (with a little luck) at our annual June exhibition.   Also, a note to club members: we still have one section in need of someone to develop it. Be a part of this unique project.

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