Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing Season Projects

At the July meeting, ACBS members shared some of their summer growing season projects.  Here are three gems.

1. Magnificent and sublime, this is a real specimen tree.  It's hard to believe what can be created out of discarded and overgrown shrubs.  You can see photos of this tree--as well as it's companion tree, pictured in the right hand column with the caption "Dan's Juniper"-- in some of our past exhibitions at our gallery site. In this video, Dan gives a 360 degree tour of one of his famous junipers:

2. It takes a healthy tree (and a brave man), but in this video, Carlton shows us how he is using leaf pruning and defoliation to further develop trident forest.  The results will be smaller leaves and greater ramification in the branches.  Photos of this forest at past ACBS shows can also be found on our gallery site.  

3. Fun with junipers--When neighbors rip out their overgrown shrubbery, we are there.  Unwanted shrubbery makes perfect stater material.  First, the price is right, since it's free.  Second, if they've often done the work of digging it out for you.  And third, there's often a lot of close in branches to choose from on a fairly hefty trunk.  Some cool junipers can also be found in inexpensive nursery stock. In this short video, Mike gives a tour of some juniper projects:

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