Saturday, January 7, 2012

ACBS Kicks Off a Bonsai Agenda for the New Year +PLUS "the wizard"

ACBS's new president Matt Connelly presented an agenda of events for our club at the January meeting.  In addition to the meeting's presentation by Rich Snyder of the Lorain Botanical Gardens, a number of events are planned.  Among some of the coming attractions for this year are a program on picking the right pot for your trees by Jeff Carr, who did our extreme bending work last year;  a presentation by Andy Smith who is well know for his collected pines and spruces from the mountains of South Dakota; creating penjing planters;  and a possible exhibition in the gardens at Akron's famous Stan Hewit Hall.   Plus we'll continue to have plenty of club work on our own trees and a June show. 

Rich Snyder talks about the botanical gardens in Lorain.

The Magic
The wizard himself
Also, check the wonderful little boxwood that Ken clipped out during the business meeting (Not sure how closely he was listening, and, sorry, he moved too fast for a before pic). Very nice.  Ken is just a wizard when it comes to using a pair of clippers and especially when it  comes to doing something with small sized trees. He always pulls something cool out of his hat.

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