Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bending Fun Continues

At the November meeting, more ACBS members brought their pet-flex wrapped and wired black pines in for a workout. But this month there was a big addition from one of our members who came prepared.

Jim had some of his friends at a fabricating shop make him a serious bending tool. It consisted of a steel bar with 4 nuts welded at the business end. This allowed some choice in the spacing for the three bolts that did the work. The tool was considerably longer than the one used by Jeff Carr at the September "Extreme Bending" workshop.. So much so the that the comment was made that it may not be legal in some states. :) They were just kidding though. The thing worked great, and you just couldn't help but to love it. The tool was big and it was mean, but it was just a blast to work with, and we were all tripping over ourselves to try it out. A terrific "cheater bar" of sorts. Archimedes himself would have been proud to see it. What was it he said when he outlined the principals leverage-- "Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world." Well at least a tough branch.

It will be fun to see how these black pine respond and develop in a season or two. More photos of these member projects will be posed in the extreme bending album on our gallery site-- Also, don't forget to check the Virtual Fall show album posted there. We have photos of some of our maples and other deciduous trees there from the past couple of seasons. If you're interested in bonsai and live in the Akron / Canton area join us at on of our monthly meetings. Email us for info at

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